Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just One thing "JavaScript"

So i am a Web Developer, and like most of you I know a bit of java, php on the server side. A bit of css, html, javascript, jQuery on the client side. Oracle and MySQL on the Database side. And this technology stack is never ending. Every now and then you will have to learn something new. Some new framework may arrive. Some new Library or another cool language.

Now with this so demanding and challenging Market How does the idea of learning just one thing sounds?

What if all you have to learn and understand more or less is just one thing and become a master of it.

What if that one thing is javascript. ?  Yaa you heard me right.
"Javascript" - The same language you have been validating your forms with from Years.

So if i have to write Server Side Code i will write something in Node.js
If i will have to do make a wonderful frontend i will do jQuery.js
If my Frontend javascript is becoming to messy i will use some Frontend MVC framework like Backbone.js
If i need to go Mobile I will learn jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap.js

Wait Wait all that is fine but what about database? You cannot do your databases in Javascript. That seems to much.

Ah well i agree on that but have you heard of MongoDB. Now that is a NoSQL database and uses something called BSON to store the data. Now BSON is nothing new its just Binary form of JSON the javascript Object Notation. So again your data is saved as a javascript object.

With so much focus of Market leaders like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo! on these technologies and with ever growing demand of real time Applications Javascript looks to be the future of Web and is no more a toy language to validate your forms. I have started my journey to learning JS what are you waiting for? 

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